Watergate and the Miami connection

On the night of June 17, five men wearing rubber gloves, their pockets packed with $100 bills collected by President Nixon’s reelection committee, were caught rifling Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate office complex. Four of the five men were from Miami.  For the next 783 days, until Nixon resigned on Aug. 9, 1974, one […]

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Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, 1972

In 1972, it was Miami Beach’s turn to host, not only the Democratic but also the Republican convention, which had also been held here in 1968 — thanks to Key Biscayne part-time resident Richard M. Nixon. Nixon was running for reelection, along with his vice president, Spiro Agnew.  By then the protesters’ numbers had nearly […]

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Demo. Natl. Convention Miami Beach - 1972 AP Wirephoto

Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach, 1972

In the summer of 1972, Miami Beach hosted the Democratic and Republican national conventions, the last time one city hosted both conventions. During the four-day Democratic Convention in July, only two people were arrested and two others injured. Four years earlier in Chicago, 680 people were arrested and 1,381 were injured. Rocky Pomerance, the Miami […]

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Staff Photographer The Miami Herald / John Rogers P

Miami Dolphins

In 1965, the American Football League awarded an expansion franchise to Joe Robbie and television star Danny Thomas for $7.5 million. The naming of the franchise was left to the public. “Dolphins” was submitted by 622 entrants in a contest that attracted 19,843 entries.”The dolphin is one of the fastest and smartest creatures in the […]

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South Beach

South Beach, with its sexy, high-octane mix of leggy models, hot sun and neon lights, has seen its fortunes surge and recede over the years. While many of the notable Art Deco buildings that give the area its charm were constructed in the 1930s, the beach had a second heyday in the 1950s and ’60s, […]

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Miami Beach Convention Center

Built in 1957 to draw more business to Miami Beach, the convention center has served as the backdrop for some major moments in South Florida history, from  political conventions and Miss Universe beauty pageants to a Billy Graham religious crusade and the 1964 fight between Cassius Clay (before he became Muhammad Ali) and Sonny Liston […]

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Beauty Pageants

In 1960 Harold Glasser brought the Miss USA pageant to Miami Beach from Long Beach, Calif., where it was born. Miss Universe, a spin-off of the original pageant, came along. In 1971 the Miss USA and Miss Universe shows left Miami Beach after 11 straight years. While pageants have come and gone since then, for […]

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The smell of the plastic mask. The chills of the haunted house. The thrill of pretending to be someone — or something — else. From the spaceman suit to the two-person giraffe — and some costumes we’re still trying to figure out — take a look at the Miami Herald’s vintage Halloween photos, South Florida […]

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Venetian Pool

In 1923, Coral Gables’ founders had a problem: an unsightly rock pit in the middle of the fast-growing community. The Venetian Pool — one of the first public pools in South Florida — was born in 1924. Founder George Merrick got the idea to turn the coral rock pit — where much of the rock […]

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Coconut Grove

From Seminole War battleground to Bahamian pioneer outpost to groovy hippie haven, Coconut Grove has had several incarnations. Originally spelled Cocoanut Grove – its residents decided to drop the “a” after its incorporation as a city in 1919- the village has attracted sailors, academics, artists, explorers, drop-outs and scientists. It was the place where northern […]

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