Quarterdeck Club House Stan Wayman

Quarterdeck Club

Biscayne Bay became known as a party place in the early 1940s after Commodore Edward Turner built the Quarterdeck Club on a barge a mile south of Cape Florida, near an area eventually known as Stiltsville. The club, which had a bar, a dining room, a game room and charter members with vice-commodore titles, was featured […]

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0560959831 Bob East

Pan American Airlines

On Oct. 28, 1927, a small wood-and-fabric plane rolled down a dirt runway in Key West, lifted off and headed for Havana to make the first scheduled international flight of a U.S. airline. It was made by a fledgling firm called Pan American Airways. Though it would later be based in New York City, the […]

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Museum Of Science And Natural History - Classes Jim Forney

Miami Museum of Science

The Museum of Science and Natural History spread its welcome mat on September 25, 1960. Miamians stared open-mouthed and wide-eyed at exhibits like the 14-foot Kodiak bear; a giant globe in the lobby (originally built for Pan American Airlines); Seminole and Tequesta Indians scenes; and a planetarium. The museum, originally conceived in 1949 by The […]

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0560956266 Albert Coya

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

For decades David Fairchild, botanist, horticulturist, and explorer, traveled the world collecting unique specimens of tropical plants and trees. In charge of the federal government’s Section of Seed and Plant Introduction, he first came to Miami in 1898 from his Washington, D.C., office to see a laboratory set up in a clearing in a wild […]

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