SS Yarmouth Castle Fire

In the wee hours of November 13, 1965, a fire broke out in a storage compartment of the SS Yarmouth Castle -an aging liner traveling between Miami and Nassau – more than 100 miles out at sea, just nine hours after the ship had departed.  The SS Yarmouth Castle, bound for a gala weekend in Nassau with […]

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Mutt Derby

In the annual “Mutt Derby” charity race, canines compete while their proud owners cheer them from behind the finish line. The motley pack of pups seem to scamper for only a few feet before stopping and then shooting off in different directions. The charity event was organized by local Jaycees associations around South Florida. In […]

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Carnaval Miami

Thousands of people cram Miami’s Calle Ocho, or Eighth Street, for the annual Carnaval street party that includes conga lines, salsa, live music and food.

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