• Sounds of the '60s: Miami music festivals

    The Miami Pop Festival of 1968, held over three days at the end of December at Gulfstream Race Track - 45 years ago this month - drew thousands of fans from all over the country. Musical acts included Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Chuck Berry, Procol Harum, Country Joe and the Fish and Joni Mitchell, to name a few. The 1968 event was touted as the first significant pop festival on the East Coast. Tickets cost $7. A year later, inspired by Woodstock the summer before, the Miami Rock Festival of December, 1969, drew thousands of young people determined to have fun - and avoid paying an entrance fee if possible. It wasn't in Miami.

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The Wynwood neighborhood, a local arts mecca and one of Miami’s hippest neighborhoods, was once known as the “golden gate” for Hispanic immigrants. A melting pot of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Haitians, African-Americans, Nicaraguans and Dominicans that had been crippled by a bad image and a deteriorating economy.  In the 1950s, Wynwood — originally spelled Wyndwood […]

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Biscayne Park

Biscayne Park, a tiny triangle-shaped patch of land in Northeast Dade County, is one of Miami’s best kept secrets. In 1931, there were some 85 homeowners in the quiet community, which was the third stage of a development called Griffing-Biscayne Park Estates. Both Miami Shores and North Miami, larger municipal neighbors to the north and […]

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Biscayne Boulevard

Built on the crest of the 1920s land boom, Biscayne Boulevard was designed to be Miami’s most beautiful shopping street. Royal palms, 900 of them, lined the sidewalks in front of turreted Mediterranean buildings with shops downstairs and apartments above. The standards of beauty were exacting for the stretch between 12th and 36th streets. A […]

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Buena Vista

The historic district of Buena Vista started as a pineapple plantation that became a town with its own town hall and post office. It once was home to ambassadors, business magnates and doctors, and frequented by novelists and Miami’s elite. In the 1920s, wealthy residents built estates of mosaic tile, coral rock and Dade County […]

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South Florida has a long and rich maritime history. It’s ports have reached global prominence in trade, commerce and the cruise industry. The area has also been at the top of the recreational boating industry. It has hosted the The Miami International Boat show for over 70 years and held numerous boat races and Regattas that […]

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Coral Gables

Coral Gables is well-known for its many historic landmarks and as the first municipality in Miami-Dade to pass a historic preservation ordinance in 1973. City founder George Merrick carefully planned and designed his dream village in Mediterranean style with elegant plazas, fountains, entrances and public buildings. His creation was a major real estate attraction during the […]

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Bayfront Park

Built in 1925 from fill, Bayfront Park was graced with abundant, flowering gardens and a lush tree canopy, serving both as central gathering spot for important events like political rallies and speeches, and in the 1940s and 1950s especially, as a tourist attraction. Over the years, it was home to a popular band shell, fishing […]

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South Florida was an international bowling hub from 1960 until midway through the 1990s.The 1967 ABC Tournament in the Miami Beach Convention Center drew about 40,000 bowlers from across the country. Bird Bowl, which opened in 1956, was the home of some of the best bowling leagues in the South, including a scratch women’s league […]

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Movie Theaters

The first proper movie theater in Miami was Kelly’s Theater in 1906, which sat on the south side of Flagler near the old Burdines.  Kelly’s gave way to the more palatial theaters with sloping floors, roomy seats and chandeliers. The 1950s and 1960s saw the birth of the Riviera in Coral Gables, Suniland in what […]

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