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Welcome to Flashback Miami, a site dedicated to exploring South Florida’s past through the photos in the Miami Herald’s archives. From the grittiest street photos, where photographers risked their lives, to the powerful images of President John F. Kennedy in Miami days before his assassination, the archives offer an insider’s view of our photo files. Browse through the images to find forgotten landmarks or colorful figures who made history.

The images, digitized in 2012 and 2013, include prints, negatives, and transparencies dating from the 1930s through the 1990s. Photo captions come from the back of the photo or notes made by photographers and reporters (see example below). We will stay faithful to these notes and also try to add context as needed.

With more than two million images now digitized, Flashback Miami will be an ongoing project. We’ll post new photos each week, adding context from our stories. You’ll be able to buy many of the photos. Help us tell the story of South Florida’s past: Share your recollections in our comment section or email us at flashbackmiami@miamiherald.com

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