Social Unrest

The Longest Night: Part II

On New Year’s Eve, 1958,Havana witnessed a startling series of events that was to lead to the mass migration of 750,000 Cubans to the U.S. On December 1975, Tropic Magazine published the inside story of the night that changed Cuba -and Miami- forever. This is part two. Click here for part one.

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McDuffie Riots, 1980

Riots erupted after four white police officers were acquitted by an all-white jury in the death of Arthur McDuffie, a black Miami insurance agent.

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Gay Rights in Miami

The issue of gay rights grew into a national story in Miami on Jan. 18,1977 when a throng of conservatives — led by entertainer and Florida orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant — packed Miami-Dade County’s commission chambers to protest the potential passage of a gay rights ordinance. As a heated debate took place inside the downtown […]

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