Danny Goldman Kidnapping: Cold Case

In the early-morning hours of March 28, 1966, a portly, graying gunman broke into the Surfside house that 17-year-old Danny Goldman shared with his mother and father. The gunman bound Danny’s parents and demanded $10,000 cash; when no money was found, the attacker left with Danny, threatening to kill the teen if the Goldmans didn’t come up with $25,000 by that evening. “Do what the man says,” Danny’s father, Aaron Goldman, instructed as the kidnapper took the teen away. They were the last words Goldman said to his son. The kidnapper never called for the ransom, and Danny Goldman was never seen again. The strange abduction, once the stuff of national headlines, eventually faded from local memory. The investigation was reopened in 2000, but the crime still remains unsolved.



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