Emilio Milian: Cuban newsman’s car is bombed

Through the 1970s and into the ’80s, local law enforcement authorities were chasing bombers all over Miami. Just as one bomb was ripping apart a Little Havana cigar shop, another was going off at “Fidel friendly” magazine offices. The Mexican consulate was hit, as were “Castro compliant” shipping companies. During this wave of violence, Emilio Milian voice spoke out loudly condemning the bombers. As the news director of radio station WQBA, he regularly denounced the acts of terrorism on his popular radio show Habla el Pueblo (The People Speak). A hero to many, several others branded him a traitor. It wasn’t long before Milian was receiving regular death threats. He continued to speak his mind.

On April 30, 1976, Milian left the studios of WQBA and got into his station wagon. When he started the engine, a bomb ripped through the vehicle, severing Milian’s legs. A rigorous investigation followed. Although three suspects emerged, no one was ever prosecuted in connection with the crime. That didn’t stop Milian, however, who returned to radio in 1989. Suffering from diabetes and heart disease in his later years, Milian passed away March 15, 2001.

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