The Day It Snowed In Miami

The issue of gay rights grew into a national story in Miami on Jan. 18,1977 when a throng of conservatives — led by entertainer and Florida orange juice spokeswoman Anita Bryant — packed Miami-Dade County’s commission chambers to protest potential passage of a gay rights ordinance. As heated debate took place inside the downtown chambers, temperatures outside dropped to a record low. Commissioners passed the ordinance by a 5-3 margin. As the sun rose the following morning, Miamians awakened to snowflakes — the first and only time snow fell upon the city.

The Day It Snowed In Miami” is an 86-minute documentary film chronicling South Florida’s role in the LGBT-rights movement by Joe Cardona in association with the Miami Herald Media Company and WPBT2. It will air  locally at 8 p.m. March 6 on WPBT2. Tickets for the premiere screening at the Colony Theatre on March 4th are $10. For information:   Click here to see the trailer
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